Wedding at The Park Hotel, Liverpool -Craig and Steff


The lovely Craig and Steff got married this August bank holiday weekend in the stunningly beautiful St James’s Church in Bootle, Liverpool and then onto The Park Hotel on Dunnings Bridge road. I met Craig and Steff about a year before their wedding when I photographed their gorgeous baby Elsie as a newborn, it was great to see her a year on almost walking! I get on with these guys so well, they are so lovely and genuine and deserve all of the happiness in the world – which their wedding day had plenty of!

Getting Ready

Steff and her bridesmaids got ready in The Park Hotel, in a large, spacious room. The morning was filled with laughter and fun, even if they were all a liiiiiitle bit hungover from the night before ;-). That didn’t stop them getting out the pink gin to start the day! Steff’s bridesmaids were so prepared, they had even practised how they were going to help Steff into her dress, they had it laid out on the floor perfectly for her to just step into, they did all of the work and I think I would be accurate in saying that they all got a bit emotional when Steff had her dress all sorted. Rightly so – she looked stunning! I love photographing the bridal preparations as there are loads of lovely, natural shots to take and also gives all of the bridal party a chance to get to know you more and feel at ease with you for the rest of the day.

The Ceremony

St James’ is a beautiful church in Liverpool surrounded by lovely greenery and it towers so high, it’s impressive to look at. All of Craig and Steff’s guests were outside waiting for Steff to arrive on what was a lovely, sunny day on bank holiday weekend in August 2017! Everyone looked fab and were already having a great time chatting and laughing. Craig was there waiting with his groomsmen who all looked super smart! His face lit up when little Elsie rocked up in her pram with her cute little wand. The Ceremony itself was lovely, Steff and Craig’s friends and family filled up the entire church, they are obviously well loved. Craig’s Nan (‘Nanny Meg’) who had not been very well made it to the wedding which everyone was grateful for. I made sure to get lots of photos of Nanny Meg as I knew that they would be super important and they definitely were because she sadly passed away not long after the wedding. Nanny Meg loved being involved in Craig and Steff’s special day and everyone was so made up that she made it, it was amazing that the whole family got to spend time together with her always to be remembered <3

The Reception

After the ceremony everyone headed back to The Park Hotel which is a highly established wedding venue in Liverpool that consists of a dedicated and experienced team that aim to create individual and intimate weddings in a relaxed environment. The reception room was beautifully decorated with tables named after songs by The Beatles and an All You Need Is Love themed cake that looked AMAZING by MJ Cakes. The speeches were definitely a highlight which ranged from being emotional to hilarious with everyone laughing at the best man, Paul, and his sweat towel! They had a fab band playing in the evening called The Dawn who I have bumped into at quite a few weddings!

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day guys it was truly amazing, I love being able to capture real moments and memories for couples to look back on forever in a natural way!

Here is a selection of photos from their day…

Card from husband to be

Bridesmaid getting her hair done

Kisses for baby

bridesmaid selfie

cuddles for nanny

bride getting her hair done

laughing bridesmaids

admiring tattoos

bridesmaids helping with dress

doing dress up

Putting shoes on

Bride catching herself in the mirror

the bridesmaids

Coming down the stairs

Bride Coming down the stairs

Wedding car

Getting out of the car

guests chatting

Greeting the Groom

corsage flower with pendant

laughing guests

Bride arrives

proud bridesmaids

groom waiting

walking down the aisle

walking down the aisle

walking down the aisle

groom reaction

bride walking down the aisle


chatting bridesmaids

st james' church bootle

full church

deacon talking

couple giggling

handing over bride

bride and groom

Nan watching

the rings

baby laughing

the kiss

husband and wife

exiting the church

bride and bridesmaids

bride and groom with nan

nan and her sister

bride and groom with daughter

couple photos

couple photos with smoke bomb in black and white

couple photos with smoke bomb

couple photos

getting out of the car

pleased guests

satin chairs

centre pieces

all you need is love cake

bride and groom enter

bridesmaids posing for a photo taken by a guest

grooms speech

guests laughing

nan blowing a kiss

emotional bride

best man laughing

best man speech

best man using a sweat towel

laughing guest

boy with big hat on

family moment

helping with dress

grandad and baby

guests laughing

guests getting a photo taken

funny guest

grandad making baby laugh

brides dress

laughing guests

laughing guests

shocked bride

first dance black and white

first dance

first dance black and white


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