Hello! I am a professional newborn and baby photographer with a studio on Seaforth Road in Liverpool. Photographing newborns is my passion, I never get bored of meeting all of your gorgeous babies and each one is never the same! Not going to lie, I get attached to every little cutie I meet!

Newborn babies are so adorable, squishy and tiny! Don't you just wish they could stay like this forever? Unfortunately they can't, but you can capture these precious moments with a newborn photoshoot by me in my cute and cosy studio in Seaforth, Liverpool. It's a great idea as your baby changes so much in the first few weeks of their life and you might not even notice (who can blame you, you've hardly had any sleep!) Book in for a newborn session so that you can have timeless photographs of your baby at their tiniest that you can treasure forever!

I have been professionally trained in newborn posing and safety so you can be assured that your baby is in safe hands with me. The baby's safety is my number one priority. These photoshoots are best booked in advance as there are limited spaces each month and they must be done within the first 2 weeks so that the baby will be sleepy and pose-able.  Booking in advance is recommended as I only take on a certain number of newborns each month. You can read about why this important here.

We tailor these session to however you want. You can choose your favourite colour schemes, props and accessories so that they match your home perfectly. Family and sibling photos are also included in all of my newborn photo shoots at no extra cost.

You can see the newborn gallery here.

Packages start at £395 and can be found below. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to start the process of booking your newborn shoot!


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How to Book

As we don’t know when your little one will be arriving exactly, I take your due date as a precautionary date. It is a £95 deposit to secure your shoot and this comes off the package that you choose. Newborn shoots are done in the first two weeks. As soon as you have had your little one just get in touch and we’ll schedule a date for your newborn photo shoot!


What to Expect

My newborn photo shoot are completely baby led, it’s their way or no way! If your baby is awake when you arrive and is showing no signs of settling off soon then we will wrap them up all cute and get some gorgeous, wide eyed shots. We can do this in a variety of props and on fluffy rugs. The baby will eventually doze off and once they are in a deep sleep this is when we can start to pose them on the bean bag. I have so many different backdrops for you to choose from. If you arrive and your baby is sound asleep then this process will just be the other way around! If we are struggling to get baby to go to sleep then I would suggest giving them a feed to help them settle off into a deep sleep. So if you are bottle feeding it is always a good idea to bring some extra milk just incase.

After we have photographed your baby and all of their cuteness we can do some family shots. I know a lot of new mums will be feeling tired and the last thing they want is to get their picture taken. Trust me when I say that you won’t regret it. These will be the photos that you look back on in year to come and be amazed at how tiny your child was in your arms. You’ll be able to see the love in your eyes as you’re looking down at your beautiful creation. Siblings are always welcome in the studio as it is important to capture your babies together and that special bond that is starting to form!

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Prices are subject to change at any time, to secure the prices you see today get in touch to book.

After the Photo Shoot

Photos usually take 2 – 3 weeks to edit and get back to you. I do put a ‘sneak peak’ for you to see after the shoot on Facebook and Instagram. It is nice to see one straight away while you’re all excited after the photo shoot! This also enables you to show family and friends when telling them about the baby’s recent newborn shoot. Once your photos are ready for viewing, you will be given an online viewing appointment. You will see all of the photos in a beautiful slideshow and then choose which package you would like and if you'd like any of the gorgeous wall art I have on offer.

Newborn sessions are best booked in advance so you can arrange your session whilst you are pregnant. Please contact me by filling in the form below for up to date packages or if you have any questions 🙂 Please let me know your due date!