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Hello! For those of you who do not know I’m Rachel, A Liverpool Newborn Photographer. Photographing newborns is one of my favourite things to do. I love the little noises they make, the fresh newborn smell and especially those newborn rolls!! I wanted to write a post so that you guys can be more informed when you book a newborn photo shoot with me.

Booking Me As Your Newborn Photographer

So the first step, is having a look at my website, Facebook and Instagram. My packages and prices can be found on the website. There are no hidden costs with me as it is all upfront on here for you to see. I think this is important when you are deciding on a newborn photographer. My Facebook and Instagram pages are full of photos from recent posts for you to go ‘aww’ and see what I am up to!

Once you have had a good look and decided that you need me to create those gorgeous photos for you and your new baby then the next step is to get in touch! I love hearing from all of you excited expecting mums! As we don’t know when your little one will be arriving exactly, I take your due date as a precautionary date. It is a £50 deposit to secure your shoot and this comes off the package that you choose. Newborn shoots are done in the first two weeks. As soon as you have had your little one just get in touch and we’ll schedule a date for your newborn photo shoot!


Your Newborn Photo Shoot Experience

My newborn photo shoots take place in my photography studio that is located on Seaforth Road, Liverpool. I have a countless amount of props, wraps, blankets, outfits and hairbands for us to use. All you need to bring is yourselves and some milk if you are bottle feeding. Newborn shoots can take between 2-4 hours to complete as settling the baby can sometimes take a while. The studio gets quite warm as we need it to be warm enough for the baby to be comfortable so make sure to wear layers that you can take off if you get too hot. There is a comfy couch for you to chill out on and help yourself to drinks and snacks while I work my magic!

I am professionally trained in newborn posing so you can rest assured that your baby is very safe in my hands. My newborn photo shoot are completely baby led, it’s their way or no way! If your baby is awake when you arrive and is showing no signs of settling off soon then we will wrap them up all cute and get some gorgeous, wide eyed shots. We can do this in a variety of props and on fluffy rugs. The baby will eventually doze off and once they are in a deep sleep this is when we can start to pose them on the bean bag. I have so many different backdrops for you to choose from. If you arrive and your baby is sound asleep then this process will just be the other way around!

Family Photos

After we have photographed your baby and all of their cuteness we can do some family shots. I know a lot of new mums will be feeling tired and the last thing they want is to get their picture taken. Trust me when I say that you won’t regret it. These will be the photos that you look back on in year to come and be amazed at how tiny your child was in your arms. You’ll be able to see the love in your eyes as you’re looking down at your beautiful creation. Siblings are also welcome in the studio, but it is a good idea to bring something to keep them entertained! 🙂




After the Photo Shoot

Photos usually take 2 – 3 weeks to edit and get back to you. I do put a ‘sneak peak’ for you to see after the shoot on Facebook and Instagram. It is nice to see one straight away while you’re all excited after the photo shoot! This also enables you to show family and friends when telling them about the baby’s recent newborn shoot. Once your photos are ready for viewing, you will receive an email with a link to an online gallery. You can view and select your photos from here and upgrade packages if you are having trouble choosing!

If you are expecting a baby and considering having a newborn shoot done then please get in touch with me! You will not regret it as they do not stay this small for long. It is a great way to ensure that you remember how small and precious they were. It also means that you can show off your baby to everyone with the most gorgeous photos! Be they on you wall at home or on Facebook or Instagram! Here are some newborn photographs that I have taken for you to get excited about and make you broody if you’re not already expecting…



Now that you have read all about what a newborn photoshoot is like with me and seen some gorgeous example images you can have a nose at the packages below and contact me to book your shoot! 🙂

If you’d like to book in for a newborn photo shoot with me then please contact me here. 

You can read why it’s important to book in advance here.

My newborn packages and prices can be found here.

All images taken by and copyrighted to Rachel Clarke Photography – Liverpool Newborn Photographer

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